Data Manipulation in R

resource description cheatsheets & quick resources Tidyverse The tidyverse website, contains relevant documentation for all tidyverse packages! Data wrangling in the tidyverse cheatsheet Data wrangling with dplyr & tidyr cheatsheet Jenny Bryan’s introduction to dplyr Learn the basics dplyr cheatsheet Data transformation with dplyr worksheet dplyr join cheatsheet Jenny Bryan’s go-to guide for dplyr table joins More on dplyr two-table verbs A vignette on dplyr’s verbs to work with two tables at a time Handling multiple tibbles For when one tibble is not enough Pipes Explores the pipe (magrittr package) in more detail - the tidyverse packages load it automatically tutorials Jenny Bryan’s LOTR Tidy Data Lesson Not exactly a tutorial, but a lesson on tidying data with several resources + exercises, using the Lord of the Rings trilogy data Dataquest Load & Clean Data w/ Tidyverse Tutorial Learn to load and clean data using the tidyverse packages!

Data Visualisation in R

resource description cheatsheets ggplot2 cheatsheet Data visualization with ggplot cheatsheet tutorials Jenny Bryan’s ggplot2 tutorial Teaching materials and a tutorial for ggplot2 A comprehensive 3-part ggplot2 tutorial A complete three-part tutorial that focuses on making nice visualizations with ggplot2 Plotting in R A brief tutorial to learn how to plot in R using base, lattice, and ggplot2 Harvard R graphics with ggplot2 workshop An advanced tutorial for creating graphics with ggplot2 that touches on statistical transformation Wiz for Data Viz A longer course stream aimed at students who want to improve and expand their data visualization skills.

General R Resources

This is a compilation of general resources for getting started with R and R studio and exploring the diverse functionalities of the R ecosystem. Take a look! Getting started with R in videos. A list of R vocabulary by Hadley Wickham that goes through the basic functions you need to know to be fluent in R. The here package has to be amongst the top 10 best things to ever happen in R - in short, it will save you from broken file paths.

GitHub Resources

GitHub Guides has lots of info about GitHub. If you do go here, I recommend you start with “Hello, World!”. Getting started with git is a good place to get started with Git, which is different from GitHub, and manages the evolution of your files - what is known as version control. Some thought should be given to your github username. There are many types of github accounts. To master Github, you shall master issues, a collaborative way of tracking tasks and changes to your project.

R Markdown and Reproducibility

resource description cheatsheets & quick resources R Markdown Cheatsheet R Markdown cheatsheet - two pages of all you need to know R Markdown @ RStudio Consider it the comprehensive R Markdown guidebook - all documentation lives here The Tidyverse Style Guide Good coding style is a must for reproducibility, and this guide has all you need to know!

The Model-Fitting Paradigm in R

Want to dive deeper into model-fitting? Here are a few more stats heavy resources, if you’re interested. Statistical Learning chapter from the Computing for the Social Sciences course at Penn State University. It provides an easy introduction to statistical models and other concepts. You may want to learn more about the broom package to keep your model output tidy. Easy intro to model fitting using R by The Carpentries. Attribution Thanks to Icíar Fernández Boyano for gathering this list from past STAT 545 iterations.