R Markdown and Reproducibility

resource description
cheatsheets & quick resources R Markdown Cheatsheet R Markdown cheatsheet - two pages of all you need to know
R Markdown @ RStudio Consider it the comprehensive R Markdown guidebook - all documentation lives here
The Tidyverse Style Guide Good coding style is a must for reproducibility, and this guide has all you need to know!
Asking effective questions with R An example of a reproducible question on Stack Overflow, and how to achieve this
Reproducibility resources Looking to learn more into reproducibility? This is the place to go
tutorials R Markdown Tutorial 10 minute tutorial where each lesson introduces a single Markdown concept with an example
books Bookdown The definitive reference book to R Markdown. Choose what is most relevant
other fun things Why Microsoft Word must die Or in other words, brilliant reasons to use markdown
R Markdown Gallery Check out the range of outputs and formats you can create using R Markdown (everything from interactive documents to presentations, books, or websites!)
Bootswatch themes The html_document engine uses the Bootswatch theme library to support different styles of the document
Creating Pretty Documents with R Markdown Learn more about how to use lightweight yet nice themes


Thanks to Icíar Fernández Boyano for compiling this list from past STAT 545 iterations