Data Visualisation in R

resource description
cheatsheets ggplot2 cheatsheet Data visualization with ggplot cheatsheet
tutorials Jenny Bryan’s ggplot2 tutorial Teaching materials and a tutorial for ggplot2
A comprehensive 3-part ggplot2 tutorial A complete three-part tutorial that focuses on making nice visualizations with ggplot2
Plotting in R A brief tutorial to learn how to plot in R using base, lattice, and ggplot2
Harvard R graphics with ggplot2 workshop An advanced tutorial for creating graphics with ggplot2 that touches on statistical transformation
Wiz for Data Viz A longer course stream aimed at students who want to improve and expand their data visualization skills. Created by “Our Coding Club” at the University of Edinburgh, free & open-source!
Shiny tutorial Shiny is an R package that allows you to build interactive web apps straight from R - another way to tell your data story!
books ggplot2 book Hadley’s “ggplot2: elegant graphics for data analysis”
Grammar of Graphics Leland Wilkinson’s grammar of graphics provides a framework to create visualizations in a layered & structured manner
Fundamentals of Data Visualization A guide to making visualizations that accurately reflect the data, tell a story, and look professional.
R Graphics Cookbook Focuses on creating graphs in R using ggplot2
Fundamentals of Data Visualization From the book: “a guide to making visualizations that accurately reflect the data, tell a story, and look professional.”
other fun things Jenny Bryan’s STAT545 Effective Visualizations “Do’s and don’ts of making effective graphics” by Jenny Bryan
Recognizing misleading axes Calling Bull I: Identifying misleading axes on graphs
The Principle of Proportional Ink Calling Bull II: The principle of proportional ink
Less is More A simple animation about data-ink ratio - when it comes to graphs, less is more
Data-to-Viz A tool to help you choose the most appropriate graph for your data (and things to avoid)
Colourblind-friendly palette Colours I: Two colorblind-friendly color palettes from the R cookbook
Comprehensive list of R colour palettes by Emil Hvidtfeldt Colours II: All (or almost all) color palettes available in the R ecosystem, curated by Emil Hvitfeldt
Interactive Coloring for Colorblindness Colours III: A resource to make your own colorblind-friendly palette, pays attention to different types of colorblindness
Interactive Graphs with Plotly Originally developed for Python, plotly allows for interactive exploration of a plot made with ggplot2


Thanks to Icíar Fernández Boyano for gathering this list from past STAT 545 iterations.