Software Installation for STAT 545

Follow these instructions to install the ecosystem of tools for STAT 545.

We’ll piggyback off of the UBC Master of Data Science program Install Guide, since STAT 545 is in a similar ecosystem. Most of the links below bring you to specific places in the guide.


**Mac OS users: Newer models of Mac OS use a default Terminal shell called Zsh, but you may run into complications installing things with Zsh. To fix this, we recommend switching back to bash instead of Zsh by following these instructions

***Windows users: before following the below instructions, please follow the instructions to install Microsoft Visual Studio Code. This is necessary to follow some installation instructions for other software.

  • Zoom: We’ll be using Zoom to interact remotely during lectures. Sign up for an account here (and perhaps even download the app).
  • Slack: Install the app if you don’t want to use it through the browser (you can even download it on your smart phone). We’ll be sending you an invite.
  • GitHub: Sign up for an account at
  • git: Install git on your computer AND don’t forget to follow the section that follows immediately after, entitled Configuring Git user info.
  • JupyterLab: Install jupyterlab so that you can work on the STAT 545 worksheets. You’ll probably need to install python and conda along with it, so you can just follow these instructions:
  • R and related software: Installation instructions:
  • LaTeX: Installation instructions:

Congratulations! You’re done installing the software for STAT 545A.

Note: At the bottom of the UBC MDS installation page you’ve been following, you’ll see a section called “Post-installation notes”. If you’re up for it, you could use the script provided to you here to check that the above things have been installed successfully. We don’t need as many programs as in the UBC MDS, so you should expect to see some “MISSING” notes for software that’s irrelevant to STAT 545A.


To be determined!