Data Manipulation in R

resource description
cheatsheets & quick resources Tidyverse The tidyverse website, contains relevant documentation for all tidyverse packages!
Data wrangling in the tidyverse cheatsheet Data wrangling with dplyr & tidyr cheatsheet
Jenny Bryan’s introduction to dplyr Learn the basics
dplyr cheatsheet Data transformation with dplyr worksheet
dplyr join cheatsheet Jenny Bryan’s go-to guide for dplyr table joins
More on dplyr two-table verbs A vignette on dplyr’s verbs to work with two tables at a time
Handling multiple tibbles For when one tibble is not enough
Pipes Explores the pipe (magrittr package) in more detail - the tidyverse packages load it automatically
tutorials Jenny Bryan’s LOTR Tidy Data Lesson Not exactly a tutorial, but a lesson on tidying data with several resources + exercises, using the Lord of the Rings trilogy data
Dataquest Load & Clean Data w/ Tidyverse Tutorial Learn to load and clean data using the tidyverse packages!
books R for Data Science Chapters 5 on Data Transformation, and Chapters 9-16 focus on Data Wrangling
other fun things “Tidy Data” by Hadley Wickham The original publication describing the notion of tidy data
Bite-sized tidy data An informal and code-heavy version of the full tidy data paper


Thanks to Icíar Fernández Boyano for compiling this list from past STAT 545 iterations