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STAT 545A; STAT 545B

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STAT 545 overview lectures


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Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows for video, audio, and screen sharing between participants. It can be used from any …

Learning Objectives From today’s class, students are anticipated to be able to: Recognize how to manipulate data through a …


Want to dive deeper into a subject? Look here for some resources.

resource description cheatsheets & quick resources Tidyverse The tidyverse website, contains relevant documentation for all …

resource description cheatsheets ggplot2 cheatsheet Data visualization with ggplot cheatsheet tutorials Jenny Bryan’s ggplot2 …

This is a compilation of general resources for getting started with R and R studio and exploring the diverse functionalities of the R …

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Are you a UBC student interested in joining the STAT 545 teaching team? Recruiting usually happens late April / early May for the Fall term. You can find a general job description here.


Jenny Bryan deserves a huge amount of credit for founding and developing STAT 545 over many years, along with her TA’s, until 2017. Thank you!

Vincenzo Coia deserves a huge amount of credit too for developing STAT 545, along with his TA’s, between 2017 and 2021. Thank you!